Side Projects at 46

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My side projects, so far, are pretty unimpressive. They are numerous, diverse, and go back 12 years.

The projects folder and codepen collection are massive graveyards of very cool beginnings. Hundreds of hello worlds and prototypes:

One thing they have in common is that they are incomplete. Almost none of them have shipped.

Without shaming myself, I want to stop that. It need to be fixed!

While there will always be a space for noodling around with hello worlds, especially to learn about certain features of an API, I want to ship something.

What would make it easy to ship a side project?

I think I have a pretty good idea why I haven't shipped much. Some reasons are more justifiable than others. Some reasons are more in my control than others.

Since I do ship things, in my current role as a front end developer and my previous role as a freelance web developer, I am in a great position to compare. What is different about my work projects that ensures they are completed?

Not on the side

I hope I don't get in trouble for this. Your job doesn't need to be the center of your life, and your work doesn't need to be at the center of your job. Maybe we can start calling our side projects, "center projects," or we maybe "home work," anything to give them a higher status than so called "work projects."


Somehow, this isn't obvious to my brain that a given side project is important. Maybe because it will be less fun? Deciding that a thing is important seems as difficult as it is obvious.

You saved your energy for it

Not just setting aside some time, you need to set aside some prime hours, early in the morning or when you are not worn out by other demands.

You face consequences if you don't do it

There are some interesting apps that will donate your money if you don't meet a goal. An accountability partner could help. For me, developing in the open is a great option because an audience holds you more accountable.

Why this blog will ship

This blog has already shipped! Will it stay up to date and published? Time will tell.

Release notes